When the Persians demanded the vastly outnumbered Spartans at Thermopylae surrender their weapons the response was two words:  “Molon labe!”  The Spartan Greeks response was simple.  “Come and take them!” in a language we understand.  President Obama wants your guns.  He may have to personally go door-to-door in order to collect.  Once again the totalitarian impulse found among leftists in America is out for a walk.  This time following a tragic shooting in South Carolina.  Nine people were left dead at a Charleston prayer meeting and their corpses hadn’t yet cooled before the President decided to take advantage of events as you can read at this link.  He made his plea by saying only in America do we experience such tragedy.  In Norway, where there is far more control on firearms, Anders Breivik killed 77 people in one day.  Eight died in a bombing and the other 69 at the barrel of a gun.  In Paris not long ago rampaging Islamists terrorized the French capital region.  In Australia they stacked up the bodies at a club.  No, Mr. Obama, there are shootings everywhere and mass casualties as well.

Beware a brave American with a gun.
Beware a brave American with a gun.

The common denominator in these attacks are evil actors.  Some years ago columnist Michael Medved expressed his disgust with people who claim violence never solves anything.  Medved replied violence stopped Adolf Hitler.  Americans played a role in the defeat of the German dictator by boarding ships by the hundreds of thousands, sailing across vast oceans and then the good guys pummeled the bad guy and his legions.

I suspect it wouldn’t take nearly as many good guys to stop a 21-year-old in a church.  At least two friends shared with me this morning they know people packing heat at their churches.  I’ve attended services at many denominations.  Roman Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, African Methodist Episcopal and at some tiny independent roadside churches.  A common denominator is there are usually a few military veterans and trained law enforcers in attendance.  If these men and women were carrying then I think a snot-nose-punk wouldn’t leave the sanctuary alive.  Evil would be stopped and a great many innocent lives would be spared to live another day.

There are 330 million people estimated living in the United States.  Tens of millions have personal firearms.  Some 99.99999999999999999 percent didn’t commit a gun crime today.  Most enjoy collecting or hunting and in some cases believe good people need an equalizer.  The ninnies on the left somehow believe a disarmed country is a utopian land.  Hitler, by the way, and his totalitarian ilk came to power by severely restricting private ownership of guns.  Historical antecedents bear no relation to modern tragedies in Lefty’s mind.  He doesn’t think in a logical manner.  He lives in La-La Land.  If everyone would suddenly light a candle the whole world would be brighter.  Is Lefty willing to join President Obama’s confiscation mission?  If so then what will they do when met by someone armed and ready for the day so long feared by Second Amendment advocates?  A couple of years ago I was watching McLaughlin Group and a panelist named Pat Buchanan offered a chilling prediction.  You can see his comments about 3:25 into this video.

If you think the bloodbath in Charleston was gut-wrenching imagine for a moment America in flames and tens of millions of people shouting in unison, “Molon labe!”

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