United States firefighters now have boots on the ground in Australia assisting the country with battling a number of blazes that are quite possibly the most destructive in the continent's history.

Fire crews from Idaho, Colorado, Arizona, California, and other U.S. states, have landed at Sydney International Airport this week to provide more relief in fighting fires that numbered over 60 as far back as November, 2019. Close to 3,500 firefighters from several countries are presently dealing with over 130 fires raging in the country.

Estimates of lost wildlife are in the hundred millions, with heavy winds and drought hampering efforts. Its reported that more than 60 fires are still completely uncontained. More than 100 fire personnel from the U.S. arrived on January 9. Some areas of Australia are presently experiencing temperatures greater than 112 degrees Fahrenheit.

More than 2,000 structures have been destroyed by the fires, and the latest human casualty count is at 26. The majority of fires, which have consumed somewhere between 12 and 15 million acres, are burning near coastal communities between Melbourne and Brisbane.

Those who would like to donate money or resources can do so by visiting the Salvation Army's International website. More than $30 million has been raised to date, with American actor Leonardo DiCaprio offering $3 million himself, via his Earth Alliance organization.

To follow current information updates, and view images of the deadly fires burning in Australia, click here. The length of deployment of American fire crews in the country is expected to last into the first weeks of February, 2020.

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