America’s leftist elites are now wholly out of the closet.  In less than one week the President and two of his potential successors have outlined their totalitarian plans for coercing the masses.  To protect what he views as a threatened socialist governing class Barack Obama is suggesting the people be herded to the polls on Election Day.  He made the comments at a town hall meeting in Ohio.  You can read details here and here.

The President expressed his fondness for mandatory voting in the once free nation of Australia, where not showing up to cast a ballot can result in a fine and repeated refusal to vote can send you to jail.  Maybe we can find a euphemism for voting prison.  Perhaps we can adopt Orwell’s “joycamp”, where political enemies were exiled to labor and indoctrination into the “groupthink”.

Think I’m engaging in hyperbole?  At a paid speaking engagement in New Jersey former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke of a need for adult camps.  A link to the Clinton story can be found here.

What could get you shipped off to an indoctrination camp for a stretch of hard labor?  The man who served as the nation’s number two when Mrs. Clinton’s husband was President in the 1990s may have an answer.  Al Gore may also replace Mrs. Clinton next year at the top of the Totalitarian Party ticket if she continues to falter.  The man who thought he was once the rightful President made his remarks at a climate conference of which details are available here

Manzanar Tower, Courtesy, Wikipedia
Manzanar Tower, Courtesy, Wikipedia


Why is it so many on the left are suddenly and at the same time laying down all of their cards?  Because they smell blood.  Along with allies in news media, Hollywood and academia they’ve discredited our found fathers as nasty old white slave-holding capitalists, who raped the land and their human chattel and practiced genocide against indigenous tribes.  Therefore in lefty land the ideas brought forth by these dead white men are now suspect.  Secondly, the other element in the bedrock of American life, a Judeo-Christian culture, has been labeled as hateful and there won’t likely be any Gideon Bibles when you arrive at your camping destination.  Government will be everything you need and if you love Big Brother you’ll get food stamps, heating assistance and a pass for public transit.  You’ll have rationed health care, rationed toiletries and a lovely cinder block apartment in the sky.  And when you’re suddenly deemed old and infirm and no longer productive Hillary will be waiting at the simulated pearly gates of the end camp.  Doctors will be standing by!  The end will be painless but for the needle.  It may sting but only a bit.

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