Growing evidence today Christians are experiencing something akin to what Lefty calls the McCarthy Era.  In the last couple of hours before show time this morning I came across 4 distinct stories or opinion pieces tying it all up into one general assault on America’s formerly dominant faith.  Over at Right Wing News there is a story about a pastor apparently facing some serious time in court.  Warner Todd Huston writes here about the pastor approaching a lesbian operated pastry shop and asking for a cake with a Christian message.  It’s the reverse of the intimidation tactics practiced by the homosexual mafia.  The result is also a reverse.  She refused.  He’s being probed by the FBI.

At the Washington Times there is a story about the eradication of Christians by the military linked here.  I’m not surprised.  In the last few years I’ve talked with several former marines and soldiers who tell the same tale.  Three left promising military careers and a fourth is soon to follow.  One was at Ft. Hood the day a Muslim terrorist opened fire on fellow troops.  The government’s kid gloves treatment of Islam versus Christianity convinced my buddy it was time to go!  Friday morning a retired Air Force Colonel is joining me on-air (you can listen live at 9:06 A.M. Mountain Time at and detailing efforts to remove the Bible from bases.  The Colonel was acquainted with former Air Force Chiefs-of-Staff Curtis LeMay and John C. McConnell.  My guest warns LeMay would’ve cut the politically correct guttersnipes off at the knees.

Christianity underground and outlawed, Courtesy, Wikipedia
Christianity underground and outlawed, Courtesy, Wikipedia

Accuracy in Media’s Cliff Kincaid is writing about the latest diplomatic coup at the White House.  As he explains here the LGBT crowd (I thought that was a sandwich) now has its own transgendered potty.  It raises the question, if they don’t know what and who they are then how can we expect them to read Russians and Iranians in negotiations?  Or how do we expect our enemies to take our intent as serious?  Kincaid makes a great point, media doesn’t even ponder any other views when reporting these stories.  It’s all good over at the NBC fiction machine.

Example number four, Jennifer Roback Morse writing at Crisis Magazine warns those of us calling ourselves traditional or conservative Christians aren’t doing ourselves any favors.  As she correctly points out, why should any atheist care about our religious freedom?  This is a selfish culture soaked in sex and as she says right here we come across as whiners.  She doesn’t say scolds but I would offer it as another brick in the wall.  She believes we need to call attention to the fallout of the sexual revolution.  Fatherless families, dependency, disease and poverty being just a few radioactive topics.  Good luck, I suppose, as I’m old enough to remember the treatment the late Daniel Patrick Moynihan received when he raised some of the same obvious issues 50 years ago.  It happened more than a decade before he was elected to the U.S. Senate.  He was accused of being a racist.  As deflection it worked.  It silenced any serious debate about the crumbling American family and long term cultural harm.  I was at an event with Moynihan a bit more than twenty years ago and he was still being labeled a racist.  When I mentioned it to him he just shook his head side-to-side.  “I’m not all surprised by the reactions on modern college campuses,” he replied.

Morse says we’ve very little moral authority in making the argument unless we actually live our faith.  This means keeping it in our pants outside of marriage.  It means living a clean life and allowing others to see it can be done by mere mortals.  It means it’s exceedingly difficult, although.  I’ve met a great many people capable of doing their best but self-denial has one more requirement for strength.  You must believe in a power greater than all of us.

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