I don’t see any dangers from Muslims living in Idaho.  In fact, they probably fear us more than we do them.  It was the local Islamic Center that was defaced several years ago during the Twin Falls resettlement “crisis”.

Our college campuses also appear quiet when compared to other parts of the country.  In California, one communist professor (most professors are lefties and social misfits) has been suspended.  Call it reverse woke culture.  He punished Jewish students.  That guy should never be allowed near young people again.  Shoe’s now on the other foot.

What I don’t see is anyone in mainstream media asking local Islamic leaders if they condemn beheading or burning little babies.  Christian and Jewish leaders don’t get cut any slack, but I guess they’re calm when a reporter shoves a microphone in their faces.  Of course, the newspapers are hanging by a thread and there really isn’t anyone left to work the streets.

But wouldn’t it be good public relations for one of these interreligious councils to call their liberal members together for a news conference and explain not one member condones killing babies?  Or in their mindset, only babies outside the womb.  I’m sure the local imam is more pro-life than his backers among the Episcopalians, Methodists, and Presbyterian USA.  The council members could do the usual and call for world peace, but it would go a long way if Muslim leaders denounced Hamas.   I think it would allay a lot of suspicions.

I suppose I’m asking too much and even asking the question raises the hackles of lefties who claim all cultures are equal but for one.  Ours.

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