How many illegal aliens call Idaho home?  The best answer is, that nobody knows. I had an on-air conversation with Ron Nate.  He’s a former state representative now working as President of the Idaho Freedom Foundation.  He explained that his former colleagues are forced to rely on a ten-year-old estimate of 35,000.  By the way, no truth to the assumption that they all are grocery shopping when you’re at the store!

A lot of people who’ve crossed the border over the last three years have come to join relatives, who’ve told them about the opportunities.

Nate says that during recent testimony, it was also estimated that as many as 70 to 80 percent of laborers working in the state’s agriculture industry are here illegally.

Later in the same show, a woman called the program.  She doesn’t buy the argument these illegal aliens are doing the work Americans won’t take.  As she told me, mechanization has eliminated the need for a lot of manual labor.  One of Idaho’s top universities is an innovator in such technology.

Finally, FBI Director Christopher Wray, no friend of native-born conservative Christians, warned a U.S. Senate committee the open border is likely going to lead to a terrorist attack somewhere in the country.  Committed by foreign agents!

What if it happens in dozens of locations?  We aren’t ready, and the individual profit motive means some of your fellow Americans are a party to crime and enriching our enemies.  We used to call it treason.  Our love of money is a false God, and we’ll pay the real price.

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