Is the N-word ever acceptable?  Depends on who uses it according to most people in media and entertainment.  From the perspective of a gray haired white guy who owes much of his broadcast career to two black men, three Jewish guys from Philadelphia and a crusty old Vietnam veteran of Irish Catholic ancestry I’m not sure I buy the standard media line.  The question is being posed by a writer at a Philadelphia newspaper after Saturday’s dramatic upset of the Kentucky Wildcats.  Kentucky’s undefeated season ended in the semi-finals of the NCAA basketball tournament.  You can read the sports columnist’s thoughts here.

Talking smack off the court, Courtesy, Wikipedia

While I think people are far too sensitive we should consider the use of some words clearly is what the British call bad form.  A potty mouth isn’t ever a key to success and if someone ever pops you in the mouth for using the N-word it was an earned fat lip.  I should note there are only two things Al Sharpton and I have ever been in agreement about.  Don’t use the word and the chicken wings at the old Vera’s soul food restaurant in Syracuse, New York were so good as to be sinful.  I may be the only fat white non-entity who can claim he ever shared a plateful of wings with the Reverend Al.