Al Sharpton

Commentary: The World Turned Upside Down
Periodically my friend, Lt. Colonel Steve Hyle (USAF Ret.) chimes in with some thoughts.  Here today are his latest on the condition of our country:
RUMINATIONS – by the Yankee Sky Dog
An Interview
Sock Puppet here, your ever loyal and relentless reporter asking the hard questions. Tod…
Commentary: The N-Word is Naughty No Matter When it’s Used
Is the N-word ever acceptable?  Depends on who uses it according to most people in media and entertainment.  From the perspective of a gray haired white guy who owes much of his broadcast career to two black men, three Jewish guys from Philadelphia and a crusty old Vietnam veteran of Irish…
Commentary: News Media Abusing the First Amendment
“Clearly the practitioners of the First Amendment have committed far more recent abuses than practitioners of the Second and, yet.  Those practicing number one want to eliminate number two.  I think a safer approach would be a purge of the devious and conniving minions of America&apo…