French fries are a personal weakness.  Somedays I’ll be driving home and be overcome by the desire.  The next thing I know, I’m at a drive-thru window and getting a large order.  I’ve written before about my love for potatoes in any form.  Mashed, fried, baked, etc.  You could say I live in the one place on the planet where I can satisfy all my potato cravings, however.

Some on the left are warning climate change could harm crops in Idaho, Washington State, and Wisconsin.  In order, those are the three biggest states for production in America.  The Snake River Plain, mostly to the east and northeast of Twin Falls is America’s spud basket.

What Can We Expect?

So, if the planet warms by 6,547 degrees over the next century, all our potatoes will be baked.  It’s why some are looking to come up with new varieties that will be able to tough it out when it comes to the pending global convection oven!

The thing is, what makes potatoes grow in Idaho is irrigation from the river.  The warnings aren’t about the water going away but about storage.  More intense heat could spell disaster over the course of several months inside a cellar.  That’s what keeps scientists up at night.

Problem Solved

It would be facetious to say storage wouldn’t be a problem if we ramped up consumption.  Doubling my potato intake is unlikely.  The solution is simply more man-made climate control when the tubers are under a roof and awaiting shipment to market.  Isn’t that supposed to be easy once the skyline is dotted with giant pinwheels turning in the wind?

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