The local newspaper reminds us rally speakers and attendees are suspicious of media.  The local paper called the Master of Ceremonies John.  His name is Tom.  So why should we believe the Times-News crowd estimate?  Which the paper pegged at 100 when clearly it was larger.  I know, I walked the crowd and listened to voices from the stage and on the ground.  Over a period of several hours people came and went.  It was hot, after all!

As for what I saw at City Park, it was like a big picnic or a family reunion.

We may not have seen a crowd nearly as large as the Back the Blue Rally brought to the park but it was lager than a rag-tag Black Lives Matter march I encountered over the weekend.

This is how estimates work in liberal media.  A dozen kids with signs; crop the photograph and don’t assign a figure.  Put the picture above the fold on page one and delude yourself the readers will believe it was very large.

Go to a conservative gathering, count, and then subtract two-thirds.

Then endorse the few Democrats running for public office in the Magic Valley.  Then scratch your head when none get elected.  Promise to double down on cropped pictures!

As for what I saw at City Park, it was like a big picnic or a family reunion.  The latter because as I walked the grass, I kept meeting people from all over the state and most of them I already know from other events, social media or they’ve been on Magic Valley This Morning as guests.  If there’s something they’ve got in common it’s that they have an abiding belief in the Almighty and His goodness.  It’s what sustains them through difficult days.

I heard no calls for violent revolution.  Nobody pointed lasers at passing police and no churches near the park (and there are many) were torched.  Compare now with what you see every night on television.

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