The exodus from the west coast could accelerate soon.  I found a video in my morning feed.  It featured Peter Zeihan, a man who has made a career briefing military officers, politicians and think tanks around the world.  He looks at history, demographics, and economies and then makes predictions.  The reason he’s in such demand is because he’s accurate.  He predicts China and global supply chains are going to collapse.  Zeihan has proclaimed the post-World War Two era is over.  He believes decades of decline are ahead for much of the industrialized world, then a rebirth of growth.

Unlike many who see the United States in decline, he claims North American geography will bring about another American-dominated century.

In the latest video, Zeihan looks internally at California, which if it happened to be an independent nation would have the world’s sixth-largest economy.  Looking into his crystal ball, he says it’s not going to last.  You can watch the video below.

Meanwhile, a columnist at the Washington Examiner explains that many people who live there know a crisis or two is brewing.  You can read more by clicking here.

All of this is to point out that we’ll be seeing more transplants.  Overall numbers likely favor Texas and Arizona to see more of the diaspora than Idaho, however.  The most conservative former Californians appear to land here.

I had an on-air conversation this week with a representative from Americans for Prosperity.  She agreed that the result will be an even deeper political shade of red.  This doesn’t bode well for “moderate” Republicans.

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