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We feed the stray cats that live in our radio storage barn.  When we had a severe winter 3 years ago I started feeding them table scraps, believing the fat in the meat would help them through some very, very cold nights.  When the weather improved, their interest in dry food wasn’t any longer what if had been.  Looking for a cheap canned food I found something at Walmart called Special Kitty. 

cat food is scarce and at the moment just the one brand

I discovered they liked the shreds more than they pate.  So I buy the turkey shreds in bulk.  Or I did until early last week.  As of Sunday, I couldn’t find it on the shelf in the pet section.  On Saturday, an associate at the store told me even the supplier doesn’t have inventory on Special Kitty.

Where do you suppose it may be canned?  Possibly China?

The supply chain is obviously ruptured and Chinese manufacturing may be headed for its worst quarter in several decades.  For now, cat food is scarce and at the moment just the one brand.  I’ve been buying 9 Lives as an alternative.  It’s pricier and the cats appear to like it even better.  Which means they may turn up their noses if ever again served Special Kitty!

Much of what we feed our pets comes out of Asia.

Heck, much of what we buy comes out of Asia.  A few years ago my boss brought me a can of peaches clearly marked China.  This in a part of the country where I then lived that had been known for its peach orchards.

No real cause for shortages, other than a media driven panic.  Is it moral to tank an economy in hopes it forces voters to remove a President media doesn’t like?

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