This appears counterintuitive to the gun-grabbing left.  More firearms in schools act as a deterrent to violence.  Police in Perry, Iowa needed seven minutes to get to a school where there was a deadly shooting this week.  In other words, no resource officer on duty.

Funding resource officers won’t be cheap.  It requires training, communication, and a willingness to run toward trouble.  For many small school districts in Idaho, already a long drive for law enforcement, stationing an officer on the grounds is a luxury.

This is why I was intrigued when I learned this morning there may be a proposal in the upcoming state legislative session to provide funding.  Senate Majority Leader Kelly Anthon told me he wasn’t aware of such a proposal, but said a member may float the idea among the 900 bills that get proposed.  He also added the decision to hire an SRO should remain in the hands of local taxpayers.

If the state stepped in with the money, it would be pricey, but is it a cost you would support?

We pay for team sports, why not a cop in the hallways?  A shooter would know there would always be someone on the grounds who could fight fire with fire.  Deterrence!

Lastly, if districts can’t afford a full-time officer in every building, then train some responsible teachers to carry and publicize there are marksmen on campus.

One writer told me during my radio program that if we cut an administrative position or two in each district, this could become a reality.

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