Cutie is a beautiful husky that is looking for her forever home. According to the Twin Falls Animal Shelter she has been there for 90 days. She is one of their longest tenant. The gorgeous pup might be the right match for you.

According to the Twin Falls Animal Shelter, Cutie, the husky, doesn't like cats which is a big reason she hasn't had a successful adoption. A lot of people have cats and don't want a dog that can't get along with them.

Huskies also tend to have a lot of energy and even though she doesn't like cats, the Twin Falls Animal Shelter said she loves other dogs her size both male and female. So if you are a dog only home she may be right for you. She is also going to need some extra walking, you know, to get out some of that energy. If you have other dogs her size that will play with her that will help as well.

Huskies also like to get into some trouble sometimes, not because they are bad dogs but because they are curious, smart and have a lot of energy. People who understand huskies know how to keep them from getting into too much trouble.

Huskies also shed quite a bit but I feel like dog people don't mind the hair. I like to call them sprinkles of love because I can't keep the dog hair off my clothes. So if you are interested in the prettiest husky give the Twin Falls Animal Shelter a call.

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