The hottest radio talent in America is coming to Twin Falls.  Dan Bongino launched a podcast a couple of years ago and immediately cultivated an audience in the millions.  Then he moved to syndicated talk radio and corralled a large audience evenings.  With the passing of Rush Limbaugh, several large providers of programming offered shows to the hundreds of affiliates that carried Rush.  Some stations had aired Limbaugh for decades.

Bongino is scheduled to join our line-up on Monday, June 21st.

Townsquare Media operates more than 320 radio stations nationwide, including five in Twin Falls.  Many of the company’s stations across the country broadcast a talk format, including 96.1 FM and Newsradio 1310 KLIX.  Both are based at our studios in Twin Falls.

Bongino is scheduled to join our line-up on Monday, June 21st.  The program will air live beginning at 10 o’clock in the morning.  It will fill the same three hours of weekday radio that Limbaugh made famous.

Bongino is a former New York City Policeman.  He then worked as an agent with the Secret Service.  His broadcast career got its start at WCBM in Baltimore, Maryland.  Bongino worked as the primary fill-in host at the station, while at the same time becoming a familiar face on Fox News Channel.  He now hosts a weekend show for Fox and is simulcast on Fox Nation.

To say he brings a passion to radio is an understatement.  I fully believe he’s a man for our time. I would describe him as considerably less manic than Michael Savage.  He has the self-deprecating humor of Glenn Beck.  He’s very well informed.  In many ways, Bongino reminds me of the young Limbaugh.  In Rush’s early days he brought brashness and bravery to radio.  It was his armor against the politically correct.  Dan Bongino, like Limbaugh, is also fearless.

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