You’ve got two kids and the government is sending you a total of $8,000 in stimulus money.  Now you can plan to give more than half that cash away in soaring childcare expenses.  A $15 an hour minimum wage is the cause.

The Daily Signal has the details.  You can read more by clicking this link.  Idaho is in the upper third of increases in cost.  Some states are even higher.  In those places a single parent with two kids would spend the stimulus check and still come up short on the increase.

Idaho is in the upper third of increases in cost.

President Biden has backpedaled slightly on plans for a minimum wage hike.  It doesn’t mean the issue dies soon.  It may not be the Holy Grail of the Democrat Party.  I would say that description would be applied to single-payer medicine (and even Bernie Sanders isn’t making much noise about healthcare during the last few TV appearances I’ve watched).  The minimum wage is still a priority for many people on Capitol Hill.

It was a major talking point during the run-up to Election Day last year.

Higher costs for childcare in Idaho would likely be related to the state’s current minimum wage.  Increases already took place elsewhere as many states moved on the pay issue before any federal action.  Idaho has a higher climb up the wage ladder.

Remember, the cost of living is much higher in New York City and the Bay Area of California.  It’s a bit more reasonable in Idaho.  Housing costs notwithstanding!

There’s an old slogan from ancient Rome: Let the buyer beware,” and I wonder how many Biden voters are already suffering buyer’s remorse.


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