Road construction is an inconvenience.  Also a necessity.  I’ve been pondering some of the comments made by readers of our Facebook page.  You would think some local construction projects were designed to make them individually miserable.

No winners, by the looks of things.

This week I had a conversation with a Twin Falls City Councilwoman.  The subject of the month long closure of the intersection of Falls Avenue and Eastland Drive arose.  People are fuming but you’re not alone.  The member of the Council lives near there.  As do some of her colleagues.  They’ll have the same traffic headaches.  The work could be done with traffic going through a bottleneck.  It’s an option.  It would also triple the construction time.

There are complaints about the havoc it’ll create when school begins in a few weeks.  Look, it’s Idaho.

You see, no matter when the work is done, someone will be faced with an inconvenience.  And then those people would complain.  No winners, by the looks of things.

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