This was an interesting find on YouTube today: a hunter from Delaware was headed to Wisconsin and ended up in Idaho.

This wasn't a case of someone who is horrible with maps or any type of geography. He had intended to hunt in Wisconsin but found out that Idaho had opened up their hunting to non-residents. Knowing that Idaho is better than any other state he changed his plans and came here.

Smart choice.

In the final minutes of his video he gets his turkey. But he doesn't get it on film. His story of why he wasn't filming and the subsequent reenactment of his encounter is easily the best and most entertaining part of the video. Odd that I'm posting this on St. Patrick's Day and he got his bird because he was stopping to pick a very lucky four-leafed clover.

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The video comes from the YouTube channel The Bayside Legion. He posts all sorts of hunting videos from around the country. He admits in his video that with his hunting experience he thought Idaho would be an easy hunt. After days of trying and struggling to get a turkey he admitted that he was actually wrong.

I enjoyed watching his 20 minute video actually. His narrative was entertaining enough and the obviously beautiful scenery of Idaho forests is always nice to see. It was also nice to see the landscape from the ground and not in a drone video.

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