BOISE, Idaho (KLIX) Three more counties have joined the list of areas impacted by fast moving and high water levels as snow begins to melt into Idaho's lower elevations. Custer, Elomore and Gooding Counties have been declared a disaster emergency by acting governor Lt. Governor Brad Little; Gov. 'Butch" Otter is on vacation. On Sunday a disaster declaration was signed for Blaine County as the community was hit with the first wave of flooding. Now areas down stream of the Big Wood River like Gooding have been hit by rising waters.

“I have been watching the temperature change and hoping for a much slower increase in warm weather. The water in all these areas is rising rapidly causing devastation and creating danger for residents. It is also negatively affecting our state and local infrastructure,” said Lt. Governor Little in a prepared statement.

Information from the Blaine County Sheriffs office on social media indicates officials are expecting cooler temperatures this weekend to ease flooding somewhat. Storms expected this weekend may result in snow levels falling to 5500 feet.

The Lt. governor and Brad Richy of the Idaho Office of Emergency Management are expected to tour impacted areas this weekend. 

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