They'll spend $100,000 on a truck, trailer and snow machines.  They won't spend 30 bucks to register the machines.  The Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office is taking some flak for reminding people the machines and sleds need registrations if you're running them on public lands.  Additionally, it's illegal to drive a truck onto a groomed snowmobile trail.

there are rules and violations can cost you money.

Sergeant Ken Mencl joined us on Magic Valley This Morning.  On Newsradio 1310 KLIX.  He was on a snowmobile patrolling in the South Hills a few days ago (his first time).  It's a great sport and especially can bring an end to cabin fever.  Still, there are rules and violations can cost you money.

On a healthier note, he tells us most snowmobile riders are better about safety gear than people motorcycling or riding ATVs.  If you're in the South Hills in winter, it's wise to take along emergency gear.  Often in a backpack.  If you get stranded it could help keep you alive.

There's another issue confronting people recreating in the area this winter.  There are still restrictions following last year's Badger Fire. Terrain is also greatly altered in some places.  It increases risks of landslides and avalanches.  Old landmarks are no longer visible.

One last note about the trucks being on groomed trails.  These can leave deep ruts in the snow.  It can easily after a cold night flip a machine or sled.  Do you really need some expensive fines at the moment?  It ruins the fun.

You can hear our conversation with Ken by clicking on the video below.

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