I swear I'm an adult, despite what my wife or life choices might say, but I am still easily amused and see things in YouTube videos that look awesome and want to do those things myself. One of those childish and dangerous things is Big Wheel racing. Seriously, it looks like so much fun and it also looks terrifying in some of the online videos. If you don't know what Big Wheel racing is, it is modified Big Wheels trikes made for adults to drift down mountain roads at ridiculous speeds. Check it out in the video below.

I think the main road through the South Hills would be perfect for something like this. Sure, it would have to be a sanctioned event where they could close off the road during the races, but it would be amazing. We already get a large number of thrill seekers to the Perrine Bridge so this would just bring more people looking for a thrill. Some people even put motors on their trikes so they can drift around city streets.

Another cool attraction that would work great in the South Hills is a mountain-coaster. Park City, Utah has their Alpine Coaster and Idaho should have a South Hills Coaster or call it the Magic Mountain Coaster and build it up by the ski resort. A few years ago Bogus Basin opened their Glade Runner mountain coaster. This video shows what it is like you rip around on a mountain coaster.


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