It was less than a year ago that the buried remains of Tylee and JJ were found on the Idaho property of Chad Daybell. Chad had recently married the mother of the two missing children and their disappearance was shrouded in mystery, deception, and bizarre behavior from pretty much every adult with a connection to the case. Since the bodies were found in early June of 2020, there have been a number of podcasts and televised shows dedicated to exposing the story and finding the truth. The latest take on the story will be a much different experience for viewers as it will be a Lifetime Movie.

'Doomsday Mom' will be the name of the show on Lifetime and will premiere on June 26th. The show will be part of a 'Summer of Secrets' with six new Lifetime movies inspired by true stories.

Releasing a movie about the case when the story has yet to fully unfold might seem like the network is jumping the gun, but the national interest in this particular story apparently merits a movie now. Lori Vallow will be played by actress Lauren Lee Smith and Marc Blucas will play Chad Daybell.

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Vallow and Daybell are each currently being held on $1 million bonds for various crimes though neither has been directly charged with murdering or causing the deaths of the two children. There is currently no end in sight for the case against Lori and Chad as trials for the two adults have been pushed back indefinitely. Both have plead not guilty to felonies related to the alteration, destruction, and concealment of the bodies. Authorities are also looking into the suspicious deaths of each of their former spouses.

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