I've already recently admitted that I don't think the Shoshone Falls are the best waterfall in Southern Idaho. That doesn't mean they aren't glorious though. Watching the Shoshone Falls is an experience you have to have in person to truly understand how great they are. But, some people are able to pretty well capture the glory and beauty of the falls in videos and pictures. One of the most recently posted YouTube videos of the Shoshone Falls does just that - captures the beauty and also a nice double rainbow in the mist.

Normally I just like these videos of the Shoshone Falls because they are pretty but I like them extra right now because I'm still staying home as much as I can so these videos are the closest I get to seeing the Shoshone Falls in their full flow glory. If you have been going out on adventures and need some suggestions on easy and close trails in the Magic Valley, check out our top 10 trails list. Also let us know which of the many beautiful waterfalls in Southern Idaho is your favorite on our waterfall poll. If you do visit the Shoshone Falls, make sure you actually get to see them and not leave too early like this tourist did.

Best Waterfalls Of Southern Idaho

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We can't forget about drone videos either and though this one doesn't specifically focus on the Shoshone Falls it does get a good distance shot of them. You can also see the Perrine Bridge and Pillar Falls in this short video.

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