Southern Idaho has a lot of great waterfalls. Some are large and some are small. Some of the best waterfalls are easy to get to and others take a little more adventuring. But, they all have something that makes them special. Obviously, the Shoshone Falls are the largest and therefore might be an obvious choice as the best in the area - but are they really?

Best Waterfalls Of Southern Idaho

Sometimes the thing that makes a waterfall attraction so attractive isn't the size but the adventure to get there or the ability to interact with the waterfall. Some of these waterfalls are actually part of our list of the best easy hikes in Twin Falls. The Shoshone Falls is a perfect example since it is large, beautiful, and inspiring but it isn't fun to interact with and it isn't an adventure to get to it. The Box Canyon waterfall is much smaller but a beautiful and welcome sight as you hike through the canyon. The Perrine Coulee and Ross Falls may not be as inspiring as other waterfalls but you can at least hike up to them and feel their water. Pillar Falls can also be an awesome sight and you can climb on top of it. But with all the differences, which is the best in Southern Idaho?

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