On Saturday we found dozens of fish dumped in a ravine near Centennial Park in Twin Falls. I think we even saw the man who dumped some of them.

A few of my siblings came up for the weekend and wanted to do something outdoors, but not too strenuous. We decide the small hike up to the Perrine Coulee Falls would be perfect for our families and small children. It was awesome and a great way to get outdoors. On our way back down to our car, we saw an older truck with a small trailer pull up near our cars. A man got out with his dog for a minute and then got back in and drove off. When we got back down to our cars we caught a whiff of something rotting. I went over where the truck had parked and found dozens, if not an hundred, of discarded fish in a ravine. Some had clearly been there for a long time and others were still alive and flopping around. Pictures are below, but graphic advisory: you will see dead and rotting fish.

Discarded Fish at Centennial Park

You can almost smell those pictures. Gross. I don't know all the laws on fishing or why the man would catch and keep all these fish to then only dump them in the dirt? We did receive a message that these may be tilapia fish from a local hatchery and that they are supposed to add lime and bury them to help the decomposition. That clearly didn't happen here. The Idaho Fish and Game recently posted that improper disposal of fish is considered littering.

Please remember to follow fish and game laws and be courteous to others. Dumping stinky fish is not courteous or obeying laws.

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