What do you do if you get a fancy new drone in Idaho Falls? If you're this guy, you go see how close you can get to the many windmills around that area.

I will say this about YouTube guy, Matt Hickman. He's a better drone pilot than I am. It all starts so innocent with his DJI Phantom 3 drone sitting on the ground, but at around the :40 second mark, he's only a hair away from one of the windmills.

Considering my lack of agility, the windmill and drone would have been in big trouble if I had been at the controls.

According to Matt's description, he did his drone magic around Bone, Idaho to the southeast of Idaho Falls. As you can see near the end of his video, it's a great place to stare at mountains, too.

Well done, Matt. Now, please leave the innocent windmills alone.

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