SUGAR CITY, Idaho (KLIX)-Roughly 150 elk were helped across a busy eastern Idaho highway for their safety and drivers using the roadway.

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game said a herd moved out of Teton Canyon early last week and made their way towards Sugar City and Highway 20, causing concern for wildlife managers and motorists. Fish and Game with help from Idaho State Police and the Idaho Transportation Department gently pushed the herd to move west across the highway on Friday, Feb. 7.

Fish and Game said a similar situation happened in late-January. Traffic on Highway 20 had to be shut down and rerouted for less than 30 minutes while the herd moved. Officials said they think the animals were part of a bigger herd that usually winter in Teton Canyon, but may have been pushed out by recent snowfall and snowmobiling in the area.

Many of the elk in the herd have GPS collars on allowing officials to track their movement. Drivers are being told to drive with caution and continue to watch for wildlife.

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