Imagine someone selling dope a stone’s throw from where you call home.  Imagine them selling a lot of dope. On an industrial scale.  Jackpot, Nevada isn’t quite Idaho but very, very close.  It was established as a gambling mecca for neighboring Idahoans.

Jackpot is just across the state line from Twin Falls County, Idaho. The city of Twin Falls is a 45 minute sprint from the casinos.  Sprint is a good description.  Travelers along Route 93 are routinely clocked at speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour.  Law enforcers call it Death Alley.

some in Jackpot favor opening a marijuana dispensary to offset Covid-19 gambling losses

Recreational marijuana is legal in Nevada.  In Idaho it’s a serious infraction.  Jackpot is a remote outpost in Elko County, which is a more traditionally conservative region.  While some in Jackpot favor opening a marijuana dispensary to offset Covid-19 gambling losses.  The Commissioners in Elko are having a public hearing on the issue after noon on Wednesday, September 2nd.  They’ve invited Idahoans to attend and testify.

The issue is getting plenty of attention in Twin Falls County, where increased drug traffic along Route 93 could make driving more hazardous and dispensary product could make it into Twin Falls area schools.  The Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office would be prepared to bring drug sniffing dogs into schools.  We’ll have an update from the Sheriff’s Office on Newsradio 1310, KLIX on Wednesday morning.

Twin Falls County Republican Party Committee Chairman Steve Millington received a call from the Elko County Commissioners encouraging a Twin Falls turnout.  Elko would be a roughly two hour drive from Twin Falls.  You can hear a conversation about the issue by clicking on the YouTube video below.

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