Since we live close to the Air Force base in Mountain Home, it's not unusual to hear the sounds of fighter planes over the Magic Valley. Some of the planes over us this week may be a group of European fighter planes that have been spotted in Mountain Home.

The planes in the above video are the big and bad German Tornado fighters. You don't want to be on the receiving end of the payload these guys carry. If you check the Wikipedia page about this group of fighters, you'll notice these were the same planes the Royal Air Force used in deep strike missions during the Gulf War. Here's some of what the Tornado can deliver:

The Tornado is cleared to carry the majority of air-launched weapons in the NATO inventory, including various unguided and laser-guided bombsanti-ship and anti-radiation missiles, as well as specialised weapons such as anti-personnel mines and anti-runway munitions.

That's a lot of things that go boom. You have to wonder with recent world events if these fighters are training for things involving crazy people in or around Korea.

Let's hope these fighters and ours only have to deal with training instead of real world conflicts.

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