I've had some strange animal encounters in my days while driving, but a Boise woman recently gave an animal known for its speed and reclusion a downtown ride on the hood of her car.

I remember an old Scooby-Doo episode that sent the young sleuths investigating claims that an owl was terrorizing a small rural community after the sunset. The story was that anyone the animal targeted would soon disappear. It turned out to not be a real owl at all, and instead a flying machine that looked like an owl and was built by a disgruntled community member.

Some people believe run-ins with certain creatures can be a good omen. A woman in Boise who was reported to be having business problems was visited by the world's fastest animal last week. A Peregrine Falcon landed on the hood of her car as she was commuting in Boise, and the driver was inspired by the meeting.

These birds are known to reach speeds exceeding 200 mph while in flight, which makes it kind of humorous the animal chose to travel in this manner. I had a bat once get stuck in my windshield wiper while driving down a rural dirt road late at night. I didn't take the encounter as any sort of bad omen, but it was the weirdest thing that's ever happened to me while driving, if you exclude the time a bear ran into the side of my car in Yosemite.

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