We all know that odds of winning are slim but hey... someone's gotta win, right? Here are four things you should do right away if you win the lottery.

1.  Sign the ticket right away. Chances are, nobody will try to steal your ticket but if they did, they wouldn't be able to claim it with your signature on the back.

2.  Keep your mouth shut.  Only tell the people you're closest to, and maybe not even them, at first.  You'll get bombarded with people begging for money and won't know what to do. It's best to wait until you have your finical plan put together to start giving.

3.  Hire a money management team.  You're going to need an estate planner, a financial planner, and an accountant. Experts say you should do this before you even claim the money, because they'll explain why you should take the lump sum instead of yearly installments.

4.  Resist the urge to splurge.  44% of lottery winners blow through their entire winnings within five years.  That usually happens with the smaller payoffs like a million bucks. I would imagine it's not easy to blow through $450 million, but I'm sure it can be done if you try hard enough.


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