Jeff Allen isn’t related to Tim Allen.  Jeff is a Christian comedian.  You won’t hear any cussing during his act.  He focuses on situations related to modern family life and memories of his own childhood.  Some people believe vulgarity is a necessity for comedy.  I grew up laughing at albums by Steve Martin and George Carlin.  Both used some highly charged language.  Were they funny?  Sure, but they were funny even when they weren’t swearing during their routines.

Allen is performing on Friday, August 5th in Ogden.  Click here for details.

I stumbled over his work.  About a week ago I started seeing a series of comedy bits on my Facebook feed.  A collection of comedians who keep their work clean.  A fellow named Brad Stine says he performed for years as a Christian but never mentioned his faith.  People started commenting that he was funny without bad words and sexual innuendo.  He quips that he then “came out” as a Christian.

What I like about the work of these comedians is that you don’t need to be a person of faith to laugh.  They’re funny.  Naturally funny.

If you want to see Allen in Ogden, you can make the weekend of the trip.  Wiseguys Comedy Café isn’t far from the classic Bigelow Hotel.  You can watch the show and then worry about the drive home on Saturday.  Maybe even take in the rail museum on Saturday morning before driving home.  The museum is a short walk from the comedy club.

We all really need some laughter at the moment.  A break from news about wars, pandemics, and recession.

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