The politically correct are working to mimic Orwell’s 1984 when it comes to rewriting history.

I guess Hitler’s feelings may have been badly hurt near the end of the war.

Over the weekend, I visited Hill AFB Aerospace Museum.  The volunteers who staff the place are often veterans or the family members of veterans.  One man on the floor was telling me politically correct visitors are offended by much of what they see.  This is beyond the military hardware at some installations liberals used to symbolically pound upon with hammers.

At one exhibit hangs an old production sign and it reminds workers if they pick up the pace, they can help “Slap a Jap”.  The museum is getting several complaints from people who want the sign removed.  For the second time in 3 weeks, I encountered Japanese tourists at an attraction here in this part of the country.  They didn’t appear to be bothered by signage and they didn’t have a seizure while inspecting a B-29, which has artwork showing a Japanese military officer circling a toilet.  B-29’s incinerated multiple Japanese cities in the early 1940's.

The nose of a B-17 has a painting depicting Hitler in a coffin.  Some of the politically correct even suggest it should be removed.  I guess Hitler’s feelings may have been badly hurt near the end of the war.  If we had just been a bit nicer, he wouldn’t have chosen suicide as a way out!

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