Being a parent is hard. From everything I can tell, children are kind of gross. They are a blessing, they make you laugh and they are incredibly adorable, but they are gross. If you are looking for some things that might help you with this parenting thing, and making your kids a little less gross, here it is.

I am not going to sit here and pretend I know what a parent goes through because I definitely don't. I don't have children but I have nieces and nephews that I have helped with. I know when I was babysitting them these gadgets would have helped me.

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  • 1

    Rotating Bowl

    A rotating bowl apparently makes things spill proof. Sure that sounds like a challenge but it also looks like it works.

  • 2

    Monster Snack Keeper

    The little silicone teeth thing helps make sure spilling doesn't happen as much and it looks like it helps clean the hands from snack debris.

  • 3

    Sock And Wrist Rattles

    Keep your baby entertained while they lay on their back. Rattles and finders stimulate the baby's brain.

  • 4

    Drying Rack

    This is an adorable drying rack and looks pretty perfect for all the things your baby uses utensil wise. It even comes with a little tree.

  • 5

    Forehead Thermometer

    We don't even like using a regular thermometer that goes under your tongue, neither will a baby. They don't have to sit too still and get a quick reading.

  • 6

    Stuffed Animal Hammock

    Keep the stuffed animals off the ground and less dirty. Plus, you are less likely to step on them. And you can save closet space.

  • 7

    Bath Spout Cover

    I never would have thought of this but it's true. The spout in the bath can really hurt if you smack your head. This adorable cover can protect your kids noggin.

  • 8

    Health and Grooming Kit

    Again, kids can be kind of gross. They don't know any better, but we do. A full kit of everything you need to help out and keep your kid groomed.

  • 9

    Bottle Warmer/Santitizer

    Warm up a baby bottle without having to microwave it and sanitize pacifiers.

  • 10

    Tub Cubby

    Attempt to keep the toys in the bath tub organized. Make it less likely to step on a toy and slip and hurt yourself while you are trying to shower.

  • 11

    Dirty Diaper Sensor

    I kid you not there is a sensor you can put in your baby's diaper to instantly tell you when they have soiled their diaper. it sends an alert to your phone.

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