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The Governor of California wants your guns.  You may respond that Gavin Newsom can come to Idaho and try taking them, but he has another route. The guy is running for President.  He may be playing coy with news media, but the wheels are already turning.  Check out this link.

The man wants to amend the U.S. Constitution, basically to repeal the Second Amendment.  His home state is plagued by gun violence, but it’s an anomaly.  Watch the video below.  Just six percent of America’s more than 3,000 counties account for 56 percent of gun homicides.  Those counties are blue in blue states.  Across the rest of the country, it’s safe.  Now this clown from the Golden State wants to spread his insane policies nationwide.

The video also mentions research that suggests 20-thousand gangs are operating in the United States, and without gangs and drugs, the country would have fewer than 2,000 gun killings a year!

The biggest of those gangs are headquartered in Newsom’s state.  They operate with impunity and control large territories in cities.  They can do this because the police have been told to stand down.  How is it that liberals believe their policies will save lives?  They’re promoting the next installment of the Purge.  What blue states need is a taste of Jason Aldean’s music.

One thing that keeps most Idahoans honest is that they can’t be sure whether the other guy in the parking lot, driving down the road, or simply walking the streets is armed or not.

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