An old boss is demanding gun confiscation.  He manages two radio stations in Kansas City.  The man is from New Jersey, a large garbage dump located between New York City and Philadelphia.  New Jersey is a graveyard for mafia victims and about the only people carrying guns are crooks.  The liberal government makes it difficult for law-abiding people to defend themselves.

Missouri is another matter.  It’s trending red and Democrats only maintain power in crime-ravaged St. Louis and Kansas City, which still operates on the old corrupt Pendergast model.  You can learn more about the latter by clicking here.  By my estimation, Missouri’s urban population is filled with gun-shy liberals and armed lawbreakers.  Had a few more good guys had guns, the carnage from the Chiefs’ victory parade could have been considerably less.

I’m not alone.  SGT Ken Mencl is a spokesman for the Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office and a regular on my radio show.  While the Sheriff’s Office doesn’t recommend you play cowboy, they support good guys with guns.  However, the Sergeant says you need to spend some time practicing.  A lot of time.  And you need a good holster and know how to draw smoothly.  You probably also wouldn’t be firing into a crowd, but if a majority are carrying and trained, someone could quickly bring down the threat.  We saw this happen in Houston, Texas last week.

Idaho culture is usually a safe culture.  It’s also polite!  When 75 percent of the people you meet are carrying, it’s called deterrence.

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