See this? It's a picture of a check, written to me for the sum of $38.08. It's certainly not a life changing amount of cash but it's money that I didn't know existed... and it's mine.

Each year, millions of dollars in unclaimed assets are handed over to the state of Idaho. It could be money owed to you from an old job, a tax refund or you overpaid at a doctor’s office because you didn't realize how much money your insurance kicked in. The reasons are too many to list. Bottom line: Idaho has around 111-Million dollars just waiting to be claimed.

It's really easy to find out if you have money. All you do is go to Idaho's State Treasurer's Office Website and search your name. If you see your name in the search results, simply check the boxes that apply to you and wait. If the funds are verified as yours, you should see a check in the mail. (Mine came in just over three weeks.)

You never know how much money might be owed to you in the state of Idaho and it only takes a minute to search and find out.  Why not give it a whirl?

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