Friday afternoon, Blue Lakes was blocked by a four vehicle car accident at the Heyburn intersection which resulted in the death of a Twin Falls woman and her dog and also sent multiple people to area hospitals. Maryann Steiner was in the vehicle with her husband Dwayne and dog when they were struck from behind by Cedric Mitchell. Cedric was flown to Boise and Maryann later died at the hospital. Her husband was transported to St. Luke's in Twin Falls. He is currently unconscious and on a ventilator. When, and if, he wakes up he'll most likely have a long road of therapy and hospital bills to deal with along with learning that his wife of over 20 years is dead.

Dwayne's brother has set up a GoFundMe to raise money to help with medical bills. The actual cost of this accident isn't know at this time since it was so recent and Dwayne is still not awake. Needless to say that the bills are going to be hefty and this family could use any help available. To donate to the GoFundMe or share it with your friends, follow this link.

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