HAIELY, Idaho (KLIX) Hailey Police say a common practice of leaving unlocked cars at the airport with keys inside has resulted in one being taken by mistake. According to the Hailey Police Department people often leave cars at the Freidman Memorial Airport for people on incoming flights to pick up and use.

Over the years several cars were taken by mistake. It happened again on January 8 when a 2018 Audi A3 Etron went missing from the airport parking lot, the plate number is 5B2901.

Hailey Police have asked the public to help identify another car that may be involved that looks like a small silver SUV, as seen in the photos provided. The car in question helped return another SUV that had been missing from the airport lot for about 12 days. Police are also looking for a Toyota Tacoma caught on camera that may also be involved. It appeared to have several stickers on the back and Florida license plates.

Hailey Police Department

Police have asked the public to stop the practice of leaving vehicles unlocked with keys and to always lock and secure them. If you have any information call police at 208-788-3531 or 208-578-3831.

Photo Courtesy Hailey Police Department