Haunted houses are on everyone's agenda this time of year. Below is a list of some of the haunted houses in the magic valley.

The Haunted Swamp

646 South Park Ave West at Twin Falls 736-SNOW
Open every Friday and Saturday in October 8pm to 11pm
Open Wednesdays starting October 23th thru the 30th
September 27th is their Bogo night
Cost: $12 for all ages.

The Haunted Shop

October 25th and 26th from 7pm-12:00 am.
At 3261 E. 3600 N. Kimberly, ID
$5.00 admission and there will be concessions available.
Featuring attractions based on Silent Hill, The Real Life Story of Lizzie Borden, Eyes Wide Shut, House of a 1000 Corpses and World War Z.
All proceeds will go to the Ty Seamons’ Memorial Fund
This is guaranteed to be a haunting good time.
We don’t recommend anyone under the age of 12 or anyone who is faint hearted.

The Haunted Mansion
437 E North St
Albion, ID 83311
(208) 312-8484
Price:$20 for Friday or Saturday
$15 for Thursday
Thursdays 7:00pm to 10:00pm Weekends 7:00pm - Midnight
This includes:
1. School of Chaos
2. House of Clowns
3. Zombie Academy
4. Trail of Terror (not haunted on Thursday)
5. Paranormal Investigation

What is your favorite Haunted House in the area?