Boise, Idaho (PRESS RELEASE) - The first contested integration hearings under the auspices of S1339, for forced pooling of property owners in Payette County, Idaho by Alta Mesa Idaho LLC (AMI) regarding oil and gas development will be heard on Wednesday, December 14, 2016, in the Lincoln Auditorium of the State Capitol in Boise at 9:00 AM to determine if AMI can force property owners to allow extraction of their oil and gas minerals over their objections.

At issue are the legality of the proposed spacing unit and due process considerations about landowners having insufficient time to read and understand the forced pooling (integration) application, and then consult with attorneys, mortgage holders and insurance companies about how forced pooling may adversely affect their contractual obligations under their mortgage contracts and insurance policies.

Citizen’s advocacy group Citizens Allied for Integrity and Accountability (CAIA), is helping to represent a group of objecting Payette County homeowners and has retained the services of attorney James Piotrowski, of Herzfeld & Piotrowski, LLP for his expertise in constitutional law.

Source: Citizens Allied for Integrity and Accountability

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