If you've lived in Twin Falls long enough, you might remember a row of poplar trees that used to run parallel to Blue Lakes near Target. Here's exactly where they used to be.

Thanks to your calls, posts and a little help from Google Earth, we were able to accurately pinpoint the location of those trees... (give or take a few feet.)

Google Earth

If you notice the historical satellite view from Google Earth, you'll see that the poplar trees are more in front of Winco / Petsmart / Office-Max than they are Target.  In fact, the image suggests that the poplar trees and target once coexisted.

We took a screencap of a current day Google Earth image and superimposed the image of the poplar trees. If the trees were still standing, it looks like they would intersect the west wall of the old Dickies BBQ and the Laundromat.

Google Earth

*Special thanks to Jeff Sorenson and Jay Barlogi for sharing some historical images that helped us cross reference the two time periods.