If adopting a new furry friend for your family is on your Christmas list, don't wait any longer. The Twin Falls Animal Shelter is overfilled and in need of homes for their cats and dogs right now.

How Full Is The Twin Falls Animal Shelter

The Twin Falls Animal Shelter recently posted a plea to the community to help them out of a dangerous situation. The shelter is completely full of cats and dogs right now and more are coming in each day.

Why Are There So Many Animals At The Twin Falls Animal Shelter

The animal shelter is having trouble keeping up with the strays that are showing up and the massive number of owner-surrendered animals. The owner surrendered pets have to be dropped off at an appointment time and they are booked through February with three to five each day.

There are also on average anywhere between five and twenty-five strays that come to the shelter each day.

How To Find Your Pet That Has Gone Missing

If you have a cat or a dog that has gone missing in Twin Falls, one of the first places you should check is at the Twin Falls Animal Shelter. Even if your pet isn't there when you check, they can keep an eye out for if it does show up or if someone reports that they found it to them.

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Right now is a great time to head to the Twin Falls Animal Shelter to find your new best friend or your best friend that has gone missing. You can see pictures of the adoptable cats and dogs on the animal shelter Facebook page.

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