Memorial Weekend is a weekend that we all look forward to. Most people have 3 days off work. We plan to pay our respects and spend some quality time with the people that we love. But, how much does Memorial cost you?

A new survey from PR Web found that the average person will spend a total of $225 Memorial Day Weekend. Most of that money is spent on three things . . . food, booze, and DEALS.

We'll spend an average of $70 on food this weekend.  51% of us plan to cook at home . . . 44% are going to a barbecue or picnic with friends and family . . . and just 5% of us are going out to eat.

47% of us will buy alcohol, and spending an average of $55 on it.  81% plan to buy beer . . . 47% will buy wine . . . 23% will buy vodka . . . and 21% will buy whiskey.

If you are looking for DEALS this weekend, you will spend about $100 shopping.  34% of us plan to buy clothes . . . 22% are buying something for the house . . . 21% are buying shoes . . . and 12% are looking for deals on electronics.

The study didn't talk about how much we will spend on flowers, flags or other grave-site gifts.

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