As I understand it, sex is something people do.  Gender is what your chromosomes say you are.  There is a bill heading for the Idaho Senate that appears to combine the definitions into what we traditionally call gender.

A couple of notes on definitions.  The meaning of words allows some measure of political control.  Orwell knew that well.  It’s the difference between undocumented migrants and illegal aliens.  The latter is still the government’s official description despite the efforts of liberals to paint a picture of vacationers crossing our open border.

The definition of gender isn’t scientifically fluid.  Put a cell under a microscope and you get an answer, however.  What I identify as is a personal choice.  I’m a Republican, a Christian, and a football fan.  Those are the things I chose.  If I choose to be called Wilma tomorrow, that’s also a choice.  The trouble begins when I demand the name call me and that you must believe I’m a woman.

Yet, despite my logical argument, I’m not sure the bill that passed the House last week means much.  Courts have been ruling against liberal motives to coerce you to get on board.  So, at the moment, I believe the bill is a waste of the legislature's time.  But it’s an election year and this shores up support among an element of the base.

Meanwhile, the House and Senate will plod through individual budget bills.  I like the new budget process.  It’s more transparent but also pedantic.  The results will have a far bigger impact on your life than an argument over whether you can demand people call you a boy or a girl.

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