This is statistically one of the most giving times of the year. People are donating time, money, gifts, and services for Christmas. How can you know if the charity you are donating to is legit or a scam though?

There really are a staggering number of charities you can offer to help, so keeping track of which are real and which are just going to take your kind deed and run can be a real problem.

It doesn't have to be an issue though thanks to websites like Charity Watch and Charity Navigator. You can do a simple search of the charity you plan to help and know if they are for real or not.

Now, some might say that if they are doing a good deed and think it is helping the poor then that is enough. I'd look at this this way - if you are taking the time to donate with the hopes that your donation will actually help someone in need, then isn't it worth the quick online search to verify?

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