Why didn’t I know these things at Costco or the DMV?  Many years ago, when I was on TV 5 days a week, the photographers were a wealth of advice.  They talked a lot about lighting, gave me advice about wearing earth tones and told me not to glance around too much.  Of course, they were taking moving pictures.

Still, pictures don’t leave much room for correction.  My DMV image makes me look happy to the point I’d be considered a simpleton when pulled over.  Maybe it would allow me some sympathy.

As for the Costco picture, it’s the opposite.  I look like some miserable mountain man who came down from the hills for his twice-yearly supplies.

This morning I was looking for a website when I found this story.  I was going to move on but reconsidered when I realized it was good advice. A portrait photographer recommends something called “squinching” for pictures.   It’s somewhere between a relaxed look and squinting.  Oh, and smile.

He believes it gives you an air of confidence. He also tells us it’s a necessity in the modern age. Your photographs are all over social media. If you’re looking for a job or just a date, he believes his recommendation will make you look more confident.

I’m also struck by his advice to use your good side.  Most faces aren’t actually symmetrical (my mustache is a giveaway there).  Now I’m not sure which is my better side but I suppose I could always ask around the office, although. The last time I brought this up someone pulled a towel over my head, rolled me down to a beach and poured water all over me!  Not that I’m complaining.  SeaWorld called the next day.

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