I tried this mask thing one recent cool weekend morning.  While shopping.  After parking, I put the thing on.  Then I walked into the store and my glasses promptly fogged over.  I had to lift my glasses and squint to find a cart.  It was a good minute or so because my lenses cleared.  Who knows?  I could’ve bumped into someone shedding virus and then myself become an over sized germ box.

Later in the day I found a recommended solution.  You take a tissue, fold it over a few times and then place it over the bridge of the nose before placing the mask over the tissue.  This apparently prevents the fog from drifting north.

If you believe the mask already makes you look goofy, the tissue will end all doubt.

If you believe the mask already makes you look goofy, the tissue will end all doubt.  Maybe I could also attach one of my glasses bows with a paper clip.  And wind some tape around the bridge.

You young guys who think you’re chick magnets, you’ll soon find you’ve developed a new form of birth control.  The ladies won’t look at you once.  Much less, twice.  I guess COVID-19 can reduce population in many ways!

Again, if you believe wearing a mask will save you it won’t.  It’s for the benefit of other shoppers.  It becomes a method for showing you aren’t dangerous.  Odd, when you consider just six months ago you would’ve thought a guy in a mask was robbing the place.

Like a great many public health recommendations, the wearing of masks will fade over time.  It’s like being told you’ll live longer without bacon in your diet.  For a couple of months you’ll eat melons for breakfast.  Then a day comes when you see some peppered bacon in the grocery cooler and you think just a few slices won’t hurt.  A week later you’re microwaving the stuff for nighttime snacks.

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