I love looking at real estate. But, my searches normally are focused on Southern Idaho and sometimes up near Stanley, just for fun. On a whim, I decided to look in Northern Nevada and came across a sweet hunting lodge that just might make you drool a little bit.

a 7-bed, 3-bath lodge that covers a massive 4,800 square feet

First thing I noticed was the mammoth size of this property. It's a 7-bed, 3-bath lodge that covers a massive 4,800 square feet located at 1052 West Side Avenue in Jarbidge, Nevada. Your riding lawnmower would definitely be your friend here.

I think the reason this property caught my eye was due to some small details. Overall, it doesn't look super luxurious. But, check out that Bonanza-style front gate and the amazing view of a stream from the back deck. I also love the fireplace and outside fountain made from the varied rock types. Sweet.

Check out the activities mentioned in the Zillow listing.

Hunting seasons both Nevada and Idaho includes deer, mountain lion, antelope, elk, chucker, sage hen, grouse, fishing in the many trout streams. Snowmobiling, trail biking, jeep touring, hiking Jarbidge Wilderness.

This is not a crazy drive from Twin either.

Google Maps
Google Maps

It appears this listing comes directly from the property owner. Maybe it's time to make a new friend in Northern Nevada. Check out the full listing for details.

Oh, by the way, could I borrow $495,000? I'm good for it, maybe.

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