There is a museum in Deer Lodge, Montana that is one of the best I’ve ever visited.  It’s located in a part of the old state prison complex.  There are nearly 200 classic and antique cars in the building.  If you’re a motorhead, it’s worth the drive to see the place.  From several points in Idaho, it’s only a few hours away.  There are reasonably priced hotels in town (Deer Lodge is the hometown of NBA great Phil Jackson).  There are multiple museums.  The auto showcase is the biggest of the group.

The Thunderbird pictured on the postcard is being sold as a fundraiser.  You can buy tickets and there’s going to be a drawing in early December.  I buy tickets every year.  Camaros and old Corvettes have been prizes in the past.

The museum sends me a postcard every year and I reciprocate by sending money.  It keeps the lights on, even if I don’t win.  And I think the museum is a good cause.

If I won the T-bird, I think it would be easy to recruit some friends to go along and help me fetch my prize. Especially if they got some time behind the wheel.

On the night of the drawing, there is usually a banquet.

I’ll share a link so that you can get some more details.

I once won 50 dollars in a contest.  I’ve not had any luck otherwise.  I would think if I came home with the car I could stop bellyaching about being unlucky.

Credit Bill Colley.
Credit Bill Colley.

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